How do I request a ride?

The Shofer App is designed to be easy to navigate. Below is a step by step guide with illustrations in order to help you navigate our app.

You can also view a video here:


Step 1: Set Your Pickup Point


You can do this by either setting the shofer "wheel" pin to your exact location (street address is then populated) OR you can click on the magnifying glass down the bottom of the screen, you'll then be prompted to enter your address or landmark location.

Once you're happy with the pickup point, click Set Starting Point"

Step 2: Set Your Destination

You set your destination the same way as you set your pickup point. The only difference is that you select the magnifying glass below your already set pickup point.

Once you're happy with your destination point you can now select "Set Destination".

Step 3: Booking Review & Confirmation to Request a Shofer

Once you've Set your Destination, you'll be presented with the above screen.

This shows you the cost & if you're an RAC member you get 10% off!.

It also shows you the duration of the travel and the suggested route for the driver to take.

When you're ready, click on confirm request and this will send the request to the nearest driver. 

Within 60 seconds you'll be presented with the following:


The above shows you the Car type, number plate and gives you the option to call the driver.

This can be useful if you're in crowds or at a hotel.

You can also following the progress of your driver heading to you as the car in the map will move towards you via a live GPS feed.


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