How do I Add / Remove credit card details?

Adding a new card:

Step 1: Login to the app and go to the menu and select Credit Cards


Step 2: Adding your card

You'll then see your cards available for use.

To add a NEW card simply click on the + sign to enter your new card details.


Step 3: Setting your default card

You can setup your default card by simply selecting it via the right hand side default button.


How do I REMOVE a card?

Shofer requires you to have a card registered on our system in order to use our services. If you need to remove a card, you'll need to first add a new one and then you'll be able to remove the old/expired/stolen card.

Using the same instructions above, go to the Credit Card section of the app and add a new card.

To remove the old card: 

Step 1: Click on the - (negative) icon for removal.

Once you've removed your card it'll be deleted from our system.

If you have any further questions relating to credit card handling please contact us:


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