Will my credit card details be safe with you?

Shofer provides the latest in credit card security and anti-fraud measures to protect both the company and our customers.

As such, we've utilised a 3rd party provider to manage all of our payment processing and credit card information services.

This service keeps your credit card details secure by encrypting your card number with a 256bit encryption key.

To us geeks, we know what that means but understand many members of the public will look at this number and still wonder if their details are safe.

Here's an online video to watch which gives a brief demonstration about credit card security online.

Here's a video by MasterCard regarding the future of credit card payments.

At Shofer, we never actually see anything but the last 4 digits of your credit card number and this is simply for verification purposes. This means that even in an unlikely security breach, your credit card information remains secure and unable to be accessed by anyone.

Just another way Shofer treats Perth right!


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