Why have you charged my credit card $1?

Here at Shofer we take Credit Card fraud very seriously.

When we first opened we had an unprecedented amount of fraudulent transactions take place. Due to this we had to implement further security measures to protect both the company and the owner of the credit cards themselves.

As such we adopted a pre-authorisation model. This is where we "pre-authorise" a fee of $1 on your card to confirm the validity of that card. This is done every time you add a new card to the platform.

Pre-authorising does not actually debit $1 from you but rather "holds" it for 5 days. Within that time the $1 "pre-auth" fee will drop off your credit card and it will be like it never happened!. 

We understand that this may come as a shock to some, but we ask for your understanding in protecting you as a card holder and us as an operating entity.

You can read more about pre-authorisation fees/processes here.

If you have any further questions relating to this hold, please email us


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