How do I request a ride from Perth Airport?

Perth Airport has 4 Termininals.

T1 International - All International Departures/Arrivals

T1 Domesitc - VIRGIN Domestic Departures/Arrivals

T2 Domestic - WA Regional Departures/Arrivals

T3/T4 Domestic - Qantas/Jetstar Departures/Arrivals

Other Regional Airlines also operate from Valentine Rd & Newton rd.


When you request rides from the airport, it is best to use the terminal you are at, for example T1 or T4, it should then display the address for that name.

Once you request your ride it is suggested that you then message or call the driver with information relating to when you're outside the terminal and what stand you are at.

Both T1 and T3/4 have lettered stand areas which you can wait at for pickup.

If you have any further questions relating to Airport Pickups, please email 


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