How do I prebook with the Shofer App?

Shofer has now introduced Prebooking In-App. This means you no longer have to call our booking line or email in your request, you can book right from your Shofer App!.

 First, let's talk about the fine print.

1. Vouchers/Promos:

Shofer does not charge a fee for pre-bookings, however we do not allow the use of ride vouchers, wallets or promo codes on pre-booked rides. (RAC discount is OK)

2. Cancellations: 
Shofer will not charge you any cancellation fees provided you cancel your pre-booking more than 2 hours in advance of the pre-booked ride. If you cancel in less than 2 hours you will be charged $10. Please note that this $10 is NON-Refundable.

3. Modifications of pre-booked rides.

If you need to modify any part of your pre-booked ride, you'll need to CANCEL and re-book your trip.
We suggest contacting our bookings line on 08 6110 8288 or email; if you are modifying your booking on the same day that it is due. Afterall, we don't want you to miss your ride!.

4. Prepaid Fare
All Shofer pre-bookings are pre-paid. When you make your booking either via the app or web site, we'll pre-authorise the full cost of the fare to your card. Once we assign a driver to your request, we process the full payment completely. 

Please note that your pre-booking covers the trip from A-B within the time and distance provided. If you go further than the permitted distance or if the trip is longer than 5 minutes more than quoted, a second fare for the difference may be charged.

 Now that the fine print out of the way, let's show you how you use Shofer's newest in-app feature!.

Pre-booking your ride with Shofer

1. Have an active account including credit/debit card details stored on your account.
2. Must be booked more than 4 hours in advance, we prefer 4 hours notice to avoid any potential issues.


1. Select your pickup address by either entering the address in the field next to the car OR drop the pin on the pickup point.

2. You'll notice on the latest version of the Shofer app, you have 2 options when booking a ride.
One is "Confirm pick up NOW" OR "Prebook a Shofer Later" For pre-booked rides, select "Prebook a Shofer Later"

 booking_button.png    booking_calendar.png


2. Scroll from right to left on the date tabs to select your date for the prebooked ride you wish to request.
Once you've selected the date, you can use the "Time Scroll" to select the time that you want to be picked up.

We've also included a Notes section. Here we'd like you to put information such as your flight number, the fact you're taking a lot of luggage, or you can even put in your preferred drivers name here.


Once you've populated the required fields, you can press "Confirm".


Your Screen will now look like this:


You'll now notice a "pick me up at" box has appeared above the pickup address field. 
Next, you need to set your destination point. Either type in the address or use the pin to allocate the destination point.

Once you've set your destination, your screen should look like this:


Now all that is left is for you to click/press "Prebook a Shofer" and the request will go into the system for assignment and processing.


After you've submitted your booking, your Shofer App will return to normal operation.

We've also included an area where you can check the status of your pre-booked rides.

At the top left of your screen is the 3 blue lines (main menu), click that and then click on "Your Bookings"


You'll notice 2 types of statuses below.

The first, "Submitted"

This means your booking is awaiting review/driver assignment. Depending on how far in advance you have booked, it can take between a few hours and a couple of days to assign your driver.

Once we assign your driver, you'll receive a confirmation email with their details. (name, phone number)

You'll notice the status is then changed to "Assigned" and you can see the drivers name and there is even a call button so you can contact your driver in advance. 

The driver will also see your details in their app once we've assigned the job.



Cancelling a Prebooked ride

To cancel a prebooking, click on the main menu and select "Your Bookings".

Each booking you have in the system will have a red "Cancel" button. Click this and then confirm you're cancelling in order to cancel your prebooked ride.

Remember, if you cancel your prebooked ride within 2 hours, you will be charged a $10 cancellation fee.



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