Gift Vouchers

Q: Can Shofer provide gift vouchers?

A: Yes!

Shofer can provide gift voucher "wallets".

A Shofer Wallet is a pre-paid wallet, think of it as a pre-paid account. You can request any amount up to $250 to be added to a wallet.

Once activated, each Shofer ride the account holder takes will draw down on the value of the wallet.

These are great gift ideas for Christmas, Birthday or as part of a corporate gift to your team for doing a great job!.

All you have to do is e-mail with the following information:

1. How much you want the wallet value to be.

2. How long did you want the wallet to last for? (Maximum 12 months)

3. How will you be paying for the wallet?
(An existing Shofer account or we can call you for credit card over the phone payment. (Please note we may require photo identification for over the phone transactions due to security reasons)).


*Please note that whilst a wallet is active on an account, no other promotion or discount can apply to the account until the wallet value has been used up or has expired.

**Please note that at this time, wallets can not be used for Shofer pre-booked rides. The can only be used for On-Demand requests.


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