Lost & Found

Do you believe you've lost something in a Shofer vehicle?

Lost and found is an everday occurance and our drivers are aware of what to do if they find something that does not belong to them. Drivers are instructed to get in touch with administration staff that will then decide what will happen with the property.

Most of the time the property is dropped off to the Burswood office and can be collected from there. (70 Burswood rd, Burswood)

In certain circumstances if the lost property is found quickly, a driver may bring the property back to you at no cost.

If in the event the required distance to drop off the lost property exceeds a "reasonable distance" then either the client must pay the "trip fee" for the return of the goods or they can collect it from the Balcatta office.

If you've believe you've lost something in a Shofer vehicle, please email describing the goods, also include your account email address and phone number. If you know roughly when you lost the goods, please also provide this information as well.

When attending the Shofer office to collect lost property please ensure you bring Photo ID with you. In the instance that you've lost your wallet, you may be asked questions relating to identifying articles inside the wallet/purse.

Shofer reserves the right to hand over any lost property to WA Police.


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